Your Visit

Appointments and emergencies
  • Make an appointment. It is difficult, if not impossible, to see unscheduled patients. This is also applicable for adding extra siblings to an existing consultation. Examining 2 patients in a single consultation time will result in one/both of them not receiving the quality attention they deserve. Please book an appointment for each sibling.
  • Although we work on appointments, emergencies do happen. Sometimes you may need to wait while we attend a caesarean section, emergency admission through casualties or a referral from a general practitioner. We are sure that you will understand, knowing that your child may well be the next emergency that we need to tend to.
Making it easier for everyone
  • If at all possible, leave the other siblings at home. It is very difficult to give your undivided attention to the consultation if the other siblings are demanding attention as well.
  • Cell phones are a huge distraction during a consultation. Please switch your cell phone to silent before the consultation.
  • Please refrain from changing dirty nappies in the doctors’ rooms. It is an infection risk for the other patients, and not very pleasant for the doctor who has to work in that room for the rest of the day. There is a nappy changing area available for your convenience.
Routine visits
  • Do routine visits separate from acute illness visits. It may sound like a good idea to combine consultations, but it is difficult to assess development and milestones in a child who is acutely ill, febrile and not feeling well.
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask your paediatrician during the consultation. There is often memory failure, especially during the post-partum ‘porridge brain’ period!
  • Be sure to make use of routine visits to ask all questions, especially regarding breastfeeding, formula, starting weaning foods, sleep related problems and immunizations. These questions will not be dealt with telephonically.
Telephonic/electronic consultations
  • We do not do telephonic or electronic consultations.  Exceptions could sometimes be made for patients staying far away or abroad.  Telephonic messages regarding pathology results or follow ups within a week of previous consultations, will be answered as soon as possible.
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